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The Colonial Townhouse Apartments is a US national Real estate company located in Durham, North Carolina. To figure out why customers choose Colonial Townhouse Apartments and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Amanda Dowd
    Posted Feb, 12 2019
    Not worth the money AT ALL. Never repaired items on my move in checklist which resulted in BLACK MOLD growth in my bathroom. Kids run all through the streets & throw your grill into the yard. Kids super loud outside late at night. Nails in the parking lot got me a flat tire 3 times. Bugs are frequently found inside even when you clean and request pest control. Downstairs bathroom flooded when using the upstairs shower, something about a tree root grew through a pipe. They did nothing about it when I called, so of course I had a flooded bathroom 2 days in a row. They were supposed to come fix the mold upstairs and never showed up. Tried to claim the guy walked in and got scared of my dogs but they weren’t aware that I had my alarm set so he never attempted to come in. Finally came the next day. Someone in the neighborhood tried to steal the package on my porch. Ripped it open and saw what it was so they tossed it back down. ($250 worth of dog meds). Residents throw empty trash and liquor bottles in the yard. Broken glass all in the yard. Had to call the law one night on a very inebriated & hostile resident. Very poorly insulated, downstairs stays cold in the winter because of the doors and windows, upstairs in unbearably hot in the summer because the air condition cools so well downstairs that it doesn’t run enough to cool upstairs. And yes I tried the offices suggestion to close the downstairs vents. Barely helps at all. Not to mention, the electricity ran on average around $100 a month but with how poorly insulated the apartment is, my winter hill was $250 for 1 month with my heat cut to only 67. Countless issues in 7 months. I’ve never been so dissatisfied with the living conditions of a home especially given I pay nearly $900/month. Save your money. Live in your car.
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